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Accurate Online per User per Month – Ultima Tekno Solusindo


Accurate Online
Enjoy the ease and access of Cloud Accounting using Accurate Online, a reliable accounting software. Your trust now appears in the form of a web application, so it can be accessed anywhere, anytime without the need for any installation.

Accurate Online is also supported by modern and up-to-date cloud infrastructure to ensure speed of access and security of your database.

You can also get the best data privacy by managing AOL databases in your own corporate infrastructure using Accurate Online Private Cloud.

Supports the majority of the latest browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge.



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Main Advantages of Accurate Online
✔  Approval
The authorization feature for transactions submitted by users to other users who have higher authority, for example a purchasing staff member who requests approval from the head of the purchasing department for a purchase order transaction.

✔  Employees, Salary Record and Employee Income Tax
Accurate can be used to record employees, record employee salaries, to print salary slips.

✔  Supports Tax Calculation in Indonesia
This feature allows the calculation of PPh 21, PPh 23, PPh 4 paragraph 2, PPh 22, PPh 15, and VAT automatically and can be integrated with the e-Invoice application from the Director General of Taxes.

✔ Branch company
This feature is useful for those of you who have business units that have different locations, but want to be monitored in one database. The monitoring includes restrictions on users who access, numbering transactions to the financial statements of each branch.

✔ Cash Transfer / Bank
Feature that functions to record the transfer of money or funds from one cash / bank account to another cash / bank account.

✔ Stock Inventory Opname Stock
Feature that functions to make the process of stock taking (adjusting the physical stock with system records). With this feature the user can easily record the inventory taking process.

✔ Assets Per Location
This feature makes it easy for you to find out the fixed assets owned by the company, especially if the company has many locations. For example, the vehicle’s fixed assets at which location, or where history was moved before, from this feature you can find out the information.

✔ Load Recording
This feature makes it easy for accounting staff to record actual expenses such as telephone or electricity costs, and then record the payment after the payment is realized.

✔ Dashboard
This feature makes it easy for users to find out the current condition of the company being handled, by using the widgets that have been provided. For example, widgets on the Income Statement, Most Selling Items, and some other widgets needed.

✔ Calendar
This feature allows users to collaborate more with one part with another part, because with the calendar feature, users can immediately see what activities will be and are being carried out by a part.

✔ Sales Target
This feature serves to determine the sales target of the product being sold. Sales targets can be made based on quantity, category of goods, seller (salesman) or period. Sales targets can also be determined for all branches or only certain branches according to company needs.


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