✔ Maximize your store with a reliable POS
From the restaurant & cafe business to modern retail, you can develop with Rene Point of Sale Software.

✔ Retail
Starting from kiosks, minimarkets, supermarkets, and convenience stores, you can use Rene POS.

✔ Restaurant / Cafe
Suitable for various types of restaurants, ranging from shops, fast food, to fine dining restaurants. Dine-in, take away and delivery orders are available.

✔ Pharmacy / Drugstore
Lets you manage patient queues or receive prescription drugs from doctors.

✔ Workshop
You can input both goods and repair services in the Rene POS database.

✔ Salon / Spa
Various types of treatment services to manage the work list of employees who are shifting.

✔ Barcodes to Facilitate Cashiers
Rene can easily produce and print barcode labels. Rene can also read the bar code printed on each product. With this barcode, it will simplify and speed up the work process of your retail cashier.

✔ Integration with Accurate
Allows you to monitor stock and sales in real-time. Transactions from Rene can be integrated and update directly to the Accurate report

✔ Use of Dual Monitors
The second additional monitor functions as an information / promotion screen for buyers who are in line.

✔ Easy Product Input
Input products one at a time or directly upload hundreds of products at once.

✔ Ready to Use Reports
Get reports like best-selling products, busiest hour periods, biggest sales values, and more.

✔ Complete features for the convenience of your business

✔ Receipt design
Receipts can be designed freely according to needs.

✔ Product Data Import
You can import existing product master data in the form of Excel / Accurate files.

✔ Many Hardware Options
From special devices for POS, PC to laptop can use Rene.

✔ Multi User
Can create multiple user logins and adjust the access rights of each user.

✔ Rounding Shopping Value
Rounding up or down follows the fraction that you specify.

✔ Various Promo
Create various types of promos such as direct discounts, happy hours, buy 1 get 1 free, and others